Our Role

Packaging products aren’t sexy. They tend to be tried-and-true, not wildly innovative. Stretch films and tapes, and boxes and foam peanuts generally don’t make headlines. And they don’t make companies money.

But they are important. Vitally so. Without quality packaging, shipped goods arrive bent or broken, spoiled or stale. Or maybe they don’t arrive at all.

Of course quality is a huge part of the equation, but that’s not it. Reliability and efficiency are also key.

Today’s supply chain is a complex, fast-paced, multi-faceted system that depends on advanced technologies, human oversight, and good old tangible materials to transport items from the manufacturer to the distributor and/or retailer, and then, ultimately, to the end-user.

A shipped item can be a sophisticated and expensive piece of digital instrumentation, or it can be a bunch of bananas—but the process is largely the same. And while packing products themselves don’t cost a ton, sub-standard packaging can be extremely costly.



We take tremendous pride in helping customers improve their operations and efficiency—organizing their inventory, streamlining and “right-sizing” the supplies they buy and stock so they’re paying only for what they truly need, and keeping their delivery fleets on schedule so their logistics investment is optimized.

What we sell is corrugated boxes and poly bags and bubble wrap and packing tape and materials like that. But what we provide goes well beyond simply packaging.

The Provident Pledge

stickerLet’s be honest: most companies boast about their “outstanding quality” or “excellent customer service.”  Plenty of them have a couple customers who’ll echo those claims. But then only a select few can back it up with a forty-some-year track record and customer relationships that go back decades, not just months or years.

Provident Packaging is one of those companies.  A best-kept secret—unless you happen to be in the packaging business, or be a manufacturer headquartered in the Philly area.  In that case, you know exactly who Provident is and what they bring to the table.

Fast approaching 50 years in business—yes, 50!—Provident continues to be driven by an old-school devotion to exceptional, personal service.  We believe in principles like delivering on your promises, doing whatever it takes to delight customers, and treating people the way you want to be treated.  We also believe email and texting may be fast and convenient, but they’ll never replace connecting live by phone—let alone a face-to-face visit.

Like our product lines, these ideals are not sexy or avant-garde, but they’re important.  They’re signs of character, and standards of professionalism.  They represent a legacy of prior generations that deserves to be honored and carried forward.

So when you see the Provident Packaging logo on your shipment of materials, you know it’s backed by the devotion to customers and service on which Lewis and Allen Gerber built the business.  Jimmy and Adam Gerber—and everyone else on the team, for that matter—take tremendous pride in living up to those high and increasingly rare standards every day, with every customer, on every delivery.

That’s our commitment to you.